Our History

We Are Network Texas

It all started in 2008 when Network Tomball was formed by Cyndy Justice, Kathy Haas, Regina Rowley and several other ladies. They wanted to get together to promote their businesses and network by meeting each Friday morning. Over time the group grew and the meeting locations changed many times during those years.

In the Fall of 2013, Dave Bamberg had the great idea of spreading our brand of networking across the greater Houston Texas area. By adding new “chapters” the group could network with more people and businesses. Network Texas was created. In early 2014 the first two “Chapters”  were started in Willowbrook, and CyFair (Cypress). 

In 2018 we stopped calling our locations Chapters which had separate membership. They were call ed “Locations” and all Network Texas Members could attend any Location as often as they like.

And then came the lockdowns of 2020. Network Texas continued via online Zoom meetings until December 2020.  The general consensus of the members to return to in person meetings in 2021 was still to uncertain and it was decided to disband the personal meetings.

However, the websites directory was far too valuable to the members to loose their contacts and reviews. That is were (we) Roy and Gail came up with the solution to keep the site going but to upgrade the website to a Mom and Pop Directory. 

As we were the creators and hosting for NetworkTexas.biz it was only a matter of time for us to find the right directory platform and convert existing Network Texas member’s information.

The time? Well the site’s official soft launch date was June 1, 2021.  We are very proud of what we have built the directory on and see more way everyday we can make it better for our fellow Texans.

We mentioned we created it for Mom & Pop businesses. But ONLY for Mom & Pop Businesses in Texas and Owned by Texans.  What better way for Mom to tell us about Pop’s business he has started. Now Pop you should also tell us about Mom’s business she is pouring her heart into. We will review listing submissions and even reach out to the contact and make sure the submitter is the owner of the business. We are a tad security nerdy because of our KartHost business.

We have started out with 2 plans. We have a Free plan for those that are struggling and really need to get their company into a directory so they can be found. And Paid plans that give you more options to tell about your business and show it off in pictures and videos.

Why aren’t all the plans free? Good question! Simple put, we are a small Mom & Pop business that also has bills to pay to cover the cost to build the site and maintain it. We have learned over the years owing  KartHost.com we started it in 2000 (read about us)  we and everyone is willing to pay for services they find valuable. And we have put a LOT of valuable features into the Paid Plans.

That’s about it thank you for reading this far and for checking out our baby NetWorkTexas.biz

Thought for the day: Have you ever wondered why we call a project our ‘Baby’????
I figured it OUT!!! There is so much Pain while you are giving birth and in your head you are wondering why in the world am I putting myself through this…. And THEN you see your Baby and all the pain is forgotten and the Joy begins. Yes this is totally a Mom’s perspective – Mine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create, maintain, and enhance the new on line directory experience with small business owners as the heroes.  This directory is built to bless all of the proud, strong, hard working Mom and Pop business owners across this wonderful big hearted State Of Texas. And we are blessed by them.