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  • Friend-Client

    Legalshield Pays For Itself! – Get to know Stan! Stan’s legalshield plans, from the basic, to identity theft, to gun shield, need to be considered by everyone. I’ve had a basic membership for 3 years and it has well paid for itself in a variety of ways including letters to my pool builder, a seller on Craigslist I purchased an item from that didn’t work, to a fender bender accident that GEICO didn’t want to pay for. I’m glad to know an attorney’s advice is a simple phone call away. Stan offers a great product.

  • Friend-Client

    One on One with Stan the Legal Man – Stan

    I just have to say “*I appreciate you being true to yourself person.*” It was a pleasure getting to know you better and I think what you offer people is valuable and is reasonable in price. It is too late once things happen to you not to have a lawyer, but being prepared for the unexpected with your products can give your clients a sense of security – knowing that all the services Legal Shield provides can help them from being compromised. It is a small world – the people you and I know in common networking groups. This is why you never want to say anything bad which is “slander” because you never know how they may know someone you know. Better to keep things on the up and up then to have to explain. Respect is earned it is not given… I stand by this. I give Respect where respect is given. Thanks for your time and I look forward to the day when I will be able to be a client.

  • Friend-Client

    Stan has a necessary product – I’m a neighbor of Stans so know him personally and professionally. I’ve had Legalshield for about 6 years and can’t remember how many times I’ve used it! It’s very comforting to know I can call an attorney for advice or to write a letter any time! It’s also nice to know I can turn over a speeding ticket to them to handle for me-haven’t had to but definitely will should the need arise. Legalshield has your back covered!

  • Friend-Client

    Stan’s your man! – I am so thankful that we have Legal Shield’s Identity Theft Protection! My hubby’s identity was stolen and all he had to do was spend a little time on the phone with the Fraud Investigator and it was all taken care of. Please, please, please call Stan and have your identity protected. It’s an investment you definitely should make. You will be glad you did.

  • Roy Randolph

    Stan has a solution that every Small Business or Family Needs! – We have known Stan for many years, meet him through Networking, we got to know Stan and trust Stan. We enrolled in the Business Legal Shield Product, that has paid off many times already. And just having the piece of mind in this crazy
    “sue you for looking at me wrong world” is well worth the small amount it costs for this service.

    Do yourself a favor, and spend time and set down with Stan and discuss with him how he can help your family or business.

    Roy Randolph,

  • Friend-Client

    It just makes good sense! – My membership in Legal Shield has paid for itself many times over, in just one year’s use. From a traffic ticket, to home repair to auto trouble, Legal Shield was there for me, and they’ll be there for you. For less than a glass of tea a day, you can have the comfort of knowing you’re protected.

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