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    Great Referral – I would be glad to give any doctors Pacho’s information. He will genuinely care about their business and do his best to help them out. You’re awesome, Pacho!

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    Thank You for Your Time – Pacho

    Sitting down for our 1 on 1 I really wanted to get to know what you did since I have a physician as a client. I want to be a resource that will help my doctor to be in compliance with all the Medicare laws. I know my client has several older patience and I’m sure that your business would be a great solution to help them find the gaps that need to be filled. I did give my physician the details and hope that he will contact you to see if you could be the solution for any gaps they may be experiencing if any. We all know we can’t know or do it all. Having professionals like yourself take the pain out of having to do it themselves. A second pair of eyes is always a good idea. Wishing you much success.

  • Friend-Client

    Tireless Leadership – Thank you, Pacho for hanging in there for over a year and seeing our Chapter through the tough times. Hang in there, the chapter will blossom!

    I really am proud to give your business information to any physician I know because I know your work ethic and your attitude for pleasing people. They will be delighted when they call you and find out exactly how their practice will benefit by simply listening to your suggestions. You are the missing link and I know they are looking for you!

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