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    Brian takes care of his customers! – When my Dell laptop started acting up right before I was leaving for an out-of-town trip, Brian made sure that he stopped by to take a look. He was able to make run some tests and make some recommendations that got me through the next few weeks, and then it happened….the crash of the hard drive! He stayed in contact with me over the Christmas holidays, helped me order just the right hard drive, and within a matter of a couple of hours transferred EVERYTHING over to the new hard drive without issue – just like it never happened! Brian does a fantastic job and I appreciate his knowledge & professionalism!

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    Mac-Attack! – Brian came out today and attacked my Mac with his wealth of knowledge and set me up with the latest updates. I recommend him to all my fellow artists, especially those who have Macs. And one other thing….he works on PCs too.

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    Saved my Crashtop – Brian is great! My old laptop was headed for recycling and I couldn’t afford to replace it. Brian got it back to working order and it no longer overheats and crashes. Thanks Brian!

  • Friend-Client

    Saved Precious Memories! – Brian not only helps people with applications, he can also recover “lost data”!

    I had an old computer that had crashed years ago, but since it still had my son’s photos from a student trip he made to Australia in 2004, I hung onto it. Kinda like Ted Williams, I always thought “Someday I’ll find someone” that can bring these old pictures back from a “dead” hard drive. (This was WAAAAYYYY before cloud backup!)

    Well, Brian **IS** that “guy”. When I say an old hard drive, this is back from the “Windows ME” days. Anyone remember that? Brian does! He was able to recover all the pictures, in the original directory structure, and he gave them to me on a CD only days after I gave him the old desktop computer (without power cord or anything)!

    It was pretty amazing to see these photos, from 2004, in all their glory! I sent one to my son via email and he was astonished that anyone could still work with hardware that old (at least one “hardware generation” ago), much less recover the photos!

    If you have any computer or “data integration” challenges, Brian is the guy you should talk to…..just don’t wait 13 years to do it!

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    Phone Whisperer! – Had major challenges with deleting a former email system from my phone and Brian patiently went through it step by step until we go it cleaned up. I had a address I don’t use anymore and closed it but couldn’t get it off my I-phone.
    Really great support!

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    Helpful, Knowledgeable, Awesome! – My virus software had expired and I needed to know what the best product was to get. I asked Brian and he not only told me what to get, he told me where to get it! Since I am not tech savvy, I had questions as to how to get everything up and running. Brian was a big help. He was great!

    I have also had a one on one with Brian and know that if I ever convert to Mac, I’m going to ask Brian what to get. If I ever have problems with my Windows, I know I can count on Brian to help me. He is so knowledgeable and helpful! He responds quickly to questions and gives great customer service. Give Brian a call and see how he can help you out!

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    Brian knows Macs! – I’ve been a Mac user since ’92. They seldom have issues, but with the amount of illustration work I do, mine requires a thorough check-up from time-to-time. Brian took excellent care of updating as well as backing up and deleting the junk from over 10 years. And I know I can always get in touch with him and that, in many cases, he can walk me through any problems with my Macs. I’m happy to refer him to both my Mac and PC user friends and associates. I highly recommend that you have hime set you up with a back-up system, becuase sooner or later, you’ll, lose your info.

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    Brian is great to work with. – I recently made the switch to a Mac, but needed to run Windows on my new Mac machine. Brian was a great help, getting all software downloaded and running for me and instructions on all applications. I’ve had a couple questions since the initial set up of my machine and Brian is always available to answer questions and support me.

  • Excellent service! – Brian is a wizard with Macs. Better than anyone else I know. He’s taken care of my Mac Tower and Laptop as well as setting up my son with a used Mac Tower.
    As an artist, I depend on my equipment running properly. I don’t have time to deal with bugs and glitches, so having access to Brian saves me time and money. I am happy to have referred Brian to many of the Mac as well as PC owners I know, and to others for writing databases.
    Give Brian a call.

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