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    I KNOW WHAT HE DOES . . . – After several years of being “ACQUAINTED” with R E W, I finally know “WHAT” he does.

    After scheduling him to speak to another Networking group of which I am a member, and hearing him share a lot of his “Life Story”, I FINALLY know a little more about this entity named

    Hidden in his boisterous behavior, is a serious “Branding” expert. He is funny, articulate, and basically unfiltered. All of these traits make for an excellent presenter. He is entertaining with “sneaky” content depth.

    I recommend him to you without reservation.

  • Friend-Client

    The Man. The Legend… – I’ve only known Ronnie for a short time. I wasn’t sure what to make of him at first, but I right away I appreciated that he had a very positive personality. After hearing him speak at his 20 minute Spotlight at the Katy Chapter of Network Texas, I had a whole new respect for him. That respect increased tremendously during and after the two of us sat down for a “1 on 1”. He asked me some interesting questions that let me know he was truly interested in learning about me. Ronnie is definitely a different kind of character. He’s different in that he’s completely genuine and not afraid to show it. I feel just knowing him has helped me be more comfortable with being who I am, and that’s made me a better person. Thanks Ronnie.

  • Friend-Client

    The Best Advice – Get the Book – “Naked & Unafraid” – I am so very new to networking of any sort. I am the easy one to pick out in the crowd as a newbie. Receiving this book this past Friday from Ronnie at a networking meeting; I began reading it right away. It is very insightful and an absolute baseline educational tool for the inexperienced networker. I find myself reading and chuckling at the examples because I know in my short time networking, I have made some of the same mistakes detailed in the passages. Another copy will be acquired this Friday as mine is currently being “Shared” within my family. I plan to carry this book with me to other meetings, recommend it, and use it as a reference guide and refresher to move forward and be unafraid.

  • Friend-Client

    Ronald Earl Wilsher…’nuff said! – Actually it not enough. Ronnie is always there to help and has gotten me around more corners than I can count. What’s even more amazing is that my wife has been using MY resource for ideas, i-phone help, social media help, computer trouble shooting, etc. Also,I really enjoy what Ronnie does for our meetings in terms of adding lots of fun comments, encouragement and his worldly wisdom. Ronnie has given more testimonials for my business than anyone and adds instant credibility. He is the consummate net worker! Thank you Ronald Earl Wilsher!

  • My social Media Coach – As a commercial artist, I knew a lot about graphics and illustration, but virtually nothing about all the social media tools, especially domain names. In fact, I had [email protected] as my e-mail, until Ronnie asked me how much Comcast was paying me. He told me I could get my own domain name registered, so he set me up with [email protected]. Next , he coached me on using all the other tools that would help me increase awareness of my business, therefore leading to more sales. And now I’m busier than ever.
    I highly recommend you invest some time with Ronald Wilsher. I’ve probably referred over 30 of my contacts to him, and everyone of them has been extremely pleased.
    Thanks, Ronnie!

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